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Modern cups was established in Yuanlin, Changhua County, with a major business in making ice-product containers and disposable cups.


Advanced Japanese printing machines were procured for high-quality cup surface printing.


Moved to the town of Datsuen for business expansion, with more molding machines joining the production.


Went through a restructuring, actively engaged in ISO9001 and 5S related activities, with an endeavor for higher quality services and business transformation into the market of jelly containers and drinking cups; in the same year, the high-transparent PET disposable cups were successfully developed.


Modern Cups was so severely damaged by the 921 Earthquake that the entire operations were put on hold. Yet, despite all the predicament, the company exerted its tenacity by rebuilding itself and fully restored the operations two months after the disaster.


Was certified for ISO9001:2000, and transformed into service-oriented business for food manufacturers, providing more diverse food containers.


Another certification for ISO13485:2003 gave the company a successful access to the medical market, with a variety of disposable medical containers developed and applied in the market.


Again, the company was certified for GMP by the Department of Health, and successfully developed medical ear thermos.


Was reviewed and qualified for ISO9001 & 13485:2005, gaining more and more attention from food manufacturers.


The PP&PS plastic sheet OEM department was established, providing domestic vacuuming forming industry with customized PP-material leather and customized PP plastic sheet semi-products.


was further certified for ISO22000:2005.


Modern Cups in collaboration with Uniphone Telecommunication developed special EVOH materials for the PP moldings.


To reinforce food hygiene and safety, the entire manufacturing premises were renovated and refurbished, and the internal operating procedure of production was also restructured, along with new corporate regulations enacted.


In response to the FDA regulations, the company acquired the Chunghua County certification logo (registration # N-160314119-00000-6) for food packaging and container manufacturing.


Modern cups in collaboration with Far Eastern New Century developed PET freeze-resistant products.


Modern Cups'sheet production section developed crystal-clear transparent PP sheets, by changing the nature of the material’s crystal nucleus, so that the originally matte PP products become highly crystal-clear and transparent.


Was reviewed and qualified for ISO22000&9001:2005

The company was awarded 2017 HACCP certification.